When choosing to form and sustain a government, the people upon whose consent the government relies must first come to a basic agreement as to the actual purpose of the government.

In a free society where individual rights are correctly recognized to pre-ordain government, it is understood that the role of government is simply and specifically to protect the individual rights of the people it is created to serve.

To this end, the following shall serve as a list of core principles upon which a just society could be organized in modern times.

  1. “Sovereign Ruler of the Universe”, “Nature’s God”, “Creator”, etc.
  2. Unalienable individual rights to life, liberty & property
  3. Free & fair elections with verified voter ID, paper ballots, full audit capability, all data posted online
  4. Banking – sound money
  5. Ban taxation of private wages (“income tax”)
  6. Digital privacy (encryption is not a crime)
  7. Net neutrality
  8. School choice – charter schools & home schooling
  9. Health freedom – repeal mask mandates, ban mandatory vaccines
  10. Full legalization of cannabis & hemp farming