Humanity is facing a clear and present threat from a globalist power structure intent on maintaining its control over the planet and its people by any means necessary.

Current geo-political and macroeconomic threats include:

  1. Civil unrest
  2. Covid-19 pandemic
  3. Financial “Great Reset”, USD reserve currency status
  4. Military conflict with China
  5. Election integrity, public corruption
  6. Cancel culture
  7. Food shortages/supply disruption
  8. Medical supply chain disruption
  9. Energy dependence

Personal & Family

  • Food & water
  • Generator w/fuel
  • Communication plan & tools
  • Home garden
  • Raise small livestock
  • Firearms training
  • Combat/martial arts training


  • Withdraw funds from large banks
  • Invest into tangible assets (RE, PMs, crypto)

Organizing locally

  • Form community security groups

Electoral Politics

  • Election reform – paper ballots with full audit capability
  • Vaccine choice
  • Repeal mask mandate


  • Secession